I received 82% on the test and have received my certification in Social Media Marketing from the Inbound Marketing University.

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Over the years, I’ve insisted that I want this, I want that and the list of wants and desires has been long. And yet, so much of what I want  eludes me. I am sitting here now realizing that everything I want is very possible and is just within my reach. Wow! Isn’t that exciting? Okay, then, why do I feel this intense fear to run away from it all? I can feel a strong call from the inner saboteur and he wants to squash any such possibility. I ask myself the questions: “So what now? Do I really want what I say I want?” My first thought is, “Of course I want this!”  And yet as I explore further I realize that there is more going on.

It’s a relief to be aware that this inner struggle is going on. I feel so grateful that I can explore this further. What is this struggle really about and what is it trying to tell me? I have this exciting new business venture and it’s filled amazing opportunities to bring my skills and gifts out into the world and really serve. And yet I have this strong pull to stay small and to keep my skills and gifts hidden. The struggle goes on in other areas of my life and it’s rooted in a fear of being seen. I can hear the voices of:  “HERE I AM, PICK ME, PICK ME…. and NO, DON’T PICK ME, DON’T PICK ME “….. or SEE ME and DON’T SEE ME…… The time has arrived to start finding out what’s really going on….. Is it pick me or is it don’t pick me…. Until I make a choice and commit to that choice, I will continue to be trapped in a world of confusion and I will be bounced back and forth and forth lacking focus and direction. The next question I ask is, “What do I need in order to choose to move forward and allow myself to be seen?”

And what about for you, “Do you really want what you say you want?” And, “What do you need in order to allow this to show up in your life?”

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Hi everyone:

I have been practicing recording information on audio. I am going to download a couple samples. I will keep working on making them better. The audios will be posted to my website which will be published on the web very soon.



The following is called the White Light Meditation. It was provided to me by Sarah Horton, the instructor for “HypnoCoaching”. Try it out….. It’s takes approximately 15-20 minutes…

White Light Meditation

My gift is my song and this one’s for you. And you can tell everybody this is your song. It may be quite simple but now that it’s done. I hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind that I put down into words, “How wonderful life is that you’re in the world.”    (words from “Your Song” by Elton John)

What is your gift?

What do you bring to the world?

What makes you “uniquely you”?

How do you show up in the world and express the beauty of  “YOU”?

What can you do, NOW, to express more of yourself to the world?

“The world awaits…When you show up fully as “YOU”,  the world will respond.” 

The advice to follow when there is a storm is to find cover, find somewhere where you will be protected. There are safety strategies to follow when there’s a tornado, hurricane, snowstorm, blizzard, etc. What do you do, however, when the storm around you is not a weather storm but a percieved storm in your personal life?

This past week I found myself to be very unsettled, restless and because I didn’t know exactly what it was I told people that I felt “off”. It felt frustrating to not understand. In my opinion,at least  from the conscious mind’s perspective, there was nothing going on and I became a little worried that, perhaps, I was “losing it”. Has that ever happened to you? During the entire week, I continued to feel a bit unbalanced and, as it grew  increasingly uncomfortable, I pleaded for relief. Thursday night, on a class call, I was asked to participate in a meditation. At first I felt very restless but, in time, I relaxed and settled into more of a calm, relaxed state. In the still place and in my mind’s eye, I envisioned events that appeared chaotic and storm-like in nature. The message I was given was that I would be o.k., I could allow the chaos around me to be what it was, and at the same time, I could maintain strong and not get swept up in it. I could feel and see myself standing firmly, in “mountain pose”, and even while everything was uncertain around me, I remained grounded. Later on in the meditation, we were asked to think of a word or phrase that would remind us, in our daily life, to return to the wonderful place we had been during the meditation. My words were: “grounded and safety”. This was truly a gift. I knew these two words could help me stay grounded and unshaken by the “storm” around me. Regardless of the type of storm, remembering the words will serve me well.

When a storm is brewing in your personal life,  follow the same safety strategy as you would within a weather storm. Find the appropriate cover and protect yourself. Go within, experience the stillness, and allow yourself to discover the message that will guide you and keep you safe.

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  • Mark: Fantastic!! The new website looks incredible. Hope all is well.
  • naturecoach: Nice to have you grounded and safe again :) For ages I have followed the perspective when I'm in " a storm" I become the eye. Even when every things f
  • SharaLee: That's right! Nurema or Sage for the lady, and....Aeryck? for the guy?